Brilliant Earth’s Personality Style Challenge: the psychadelia-meets-grunge girl.

A wonderful company called Brilliant Earth contacted us last week, asking us to portray our personal style with the addition of their products. Naturally, when somebody asks me about my personal style, my fashion icons or anything around that topic – I’d jump at the chance to talk for hours about what I love and what celebrity styles I adore.

Brilliant Earth, whose products are not only absolutely gorgeous but completely ethical, ensure that if you’re choosing a ring for the lucky lady in your life – or jewellery for any loved one, including rings, earrings and necklaces – that you can do it by helping to cultivate such a change-promoting brand.

The San Fransisco-based jewellers are providing excellent quality in diamonds and pieces as well as pushing for change in education around the issues in the jewellery industry. They’re also promoting to stop trade in the blood diamonds and giving 5% of their profits to communities who ave suffered from practices that are unethical in the industry.

While we hear a lot of fashionable clothing brands striving to make a change, it’s nice to focus towards something a little different – like jewellery – that are being a part of that change in the environment and the world.

I was asked to take part in this Personality Style Challenge. This challenge asked me to create a mood board of my own style with the addition of help with a list of personas with different jewellery choices by Brilliant Earth. These included: ‘if she’s a blue jeans & tee shirt kind of girl’, ‘if she rocks a minimalist, no nonsense elegant style’, ‘if she loves vintage dresses & thrift store shopping’ and many more.

I was immediately drawn to the items on the ‘if she rocks a minimalist, no nonsense elegant style’ persona, which encourages customers to head towards pieces with ‘modern and architectural settings’. I loved the crescent rose gold moon earrings and that inspired me to create a psychedelia-meets-90’s-grunge mood board which includes three of my style icons.

Brilliant Earth Moodboard.


I chose a dress, clutch bag and pair of socks from the almighty Topshop with Vagabond ‘Dionne’ ankle boots and the 14 K Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings and 18K White Gold Fairmined Bar Pendant from Brilliant Earth. I love the gold colour in the velvet mini baby doll dress from Topshop, which gratefully meets the clashing of the white gold bar necklace in it’s silvery colour and of course, those stunning earrings. The moon shape brought me back to a hippy-like psychedelia state of mind: wavy hair, braids, chunky shoes, bright colours, loose fittings and a lot of tassels – think Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

Of course, as you might know, Rooney Mara, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Mary-Kate Olsen are some great inspirations for the grunge-meets-psychadelic style, so they were a great help in inspiring me with this mood board.

Tell us what you think! What kind of ‘girl’ are you?

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